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Piers & Beams Repair in Houston, TX

Gonzo Foundation Repair specializes in repairing piers and beams in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Pier and beam foundations, popularly known as crawl space foundations, are among the most important parts of your property’s foundation. But its condition may deteriorate over time. Poor exterior water damage, expansive clay, excessive pressure on the foundation, soil erosion, and continuous soil change often lead to cracks in the pier and beam foundation. The only way to deal with this condition is by repairing the pier and beams. This is where we can come to your rescue

Pier and Beam Foundation Failure Signs

Are you finding it hard to open or close your doors? Or maybe there are sudden cracks on the walls? We request you to contact us immediately if you see the following symptoms:

  • Bowing walls
  • Sinking foundation
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Leaning chimney
  • Settling foundation
  • Slab cracks
  • Garage cracks
  • Leaning walls
  • Cracks on walls

Ground movement and bad drainage can make it difficult for you to open or close your doors and windows. The more your home settles, the cracks on the walls and pier and beam foundation get bigger. We will send a team of experts who can inspect the pier and beam foundation and plan to repair it immediately.

3 ways to repair a pier and beam foundation

We follow the three most popular techniques to repair a pier and beam foundation.

Pressed pilings lifting

This is a globally accepted technique that fortifies your pier and beam foundation for years. You don’t need to worry about the foundation settling down again. In this method, we lift your current pier and beam foundation with pressed fillings. This means we will provide added support to the present foundation with new support beams. We use steel and concrete pilings while lifting the foundation. They improve the strength of the foundation and also offer reinforced support to your home.

The pressed filling technique is usually the most affordable solution. We recommend this method for homes experiencing low to moderate damage from foundation settlings. Merely adding new support beams can provide the strength your foundation needs to keep the home steady.

Replacing joists

We often see rotten joists while inspecting pier and beam foundations. Our experts consider it as a Grade-2 problem, meaning it comes under moderate to high seriousness. Many companies suggest patching the rotten joists. But we believe otherwise. We think that patching the joists isn’t a long-term solution. It may solve the issue for a few months or maybe a couple of years, but you will have to call a professional again. We don’t provide temporary services.

Instead, we replace rotten joists altogether. It may cost you more than repairing the joists, but we assure you that it will keep your house safe for years. Replacing the joists involves re-shimming your home, which means lifting floors of your pier and beam foundation. We insert steel shims between the joists and floors. Depending on the condition, we will also provide additional support to the joists.

Push pier system

We use stainless steel push piers for this system. It is effective in dealing with severe damages to the pier and beam foundation. This is the most effective method to repair settling foundations caused by shrinking or swelling clays, soil compaction, soil erosion, and organic soils. The primary objective of the push pier system is to stabilize and support your home’s load-bearing walls. The steel push piers transfer the weight of your home from the poor-quality soil to themselves. We install the steel piers deep into the ground to prevent inclining or settling even if the soil quality doesn’t change.

We don’t go away right after installing the steel piers. Our experts will test the load capacity of the piers using the highest weight possible. The advantage of using a push pier system is it doesn’t rely on skin friction to provide support like some of the other methods. Although it may sound like an expensive procedure, we don’t charge a lot. The only expensive part of this method is buying new steel push piers.

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With thousands of satisfied customers over the years, Gonzo Foundation Repair continues to grow and build a reputation based on honesty, reliability, and integrity.

Save Your Home from potential disaster

Over time, wear and tear, flooding and termites can damage the structure of your house, specifically its piers and beams. You’ll be able to tell if your piers or beams are damaged if you notice your floors sagging or your walls cracking. For reliable pier and beam repairs, call Gonzo Foundation Repair and avoid major expenses down the road.

Reliable, Experienced Foundation Services

Gonzo Foundation Repair is a locally owned business serving a the Houston, TX region. With more than 26 years of experience in the foundation industry, you can count on us for all your beam or pier repairs.

For your protection, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Call Gonzo Foundation Repair for your FREE, same-day estimate.

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  • Experienced – We are a foundation repair contractor that has plenty of years in the industry, which is what makes us knowledgeable about foundation repair. We can assess your foundation to know what issues are causing your foundation damage to employ the right foundation repair method. We do this to ensure your landscape is safe in parts where damage is unnecessary. It is no wonder we are the top foundation repair company in Houston.
  • Licensed – Every member of the team at the company is trained and has gone through various training programs to advance their skills. We are a licensed company that gives our customers efficient foundation repair services. We provide comprehensive repairs, so we know that damage is a possibility, which is why we have insurance. We always aim to avoid mishaps, but foundation repair often comes with risks.
  • Honest & Reputable – We have worked with various property owners to repair their damaged foundations successfully. Our company aims to give the clients top-quality work. Our work on both commercial and residential property is always of the best quality.

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30 years experience
Edward Gonzalez
21:35 06 Nov 20
i had multiple estimates and Gozno beat them out. I liked his approach of giving me the choice to fix the immediate issue vs 10-20 year issue that the other foundation repair didnt give me. It reduced the price to fix the immediate issue . Edward spoke English and The service was awesome too. I would recommend
The Tinkerer
16:55 26 Oct 20
Gonzo Foundation Repair came out and did a foundation inspection for us. They accommodated our tight timeframe, were professional and knowledgeable, and spent time answering our questions until we were comfortable with the situation.The Gonzo representative was genuinely interested in our well-being. We would use their service again if needed, and would recommend them to others.
23:20 19 Aug 20
Edward, Fred, and their crew did an EXCEPTIONAL job leveling our house. The team was professional and courteous - the HARDEST-working team we have ever encountered! They treated our home as if it were their own - no shortcuts, top quality work, high quality materials. They were on time each day. The best in the business! The crew have worked together for a very long time - producing consistently outstanding work. Look no further than Gonzo Foundation Repair if you are in the Houston or surrounding area! Thanks so much to the Gonzo team!
David Bader
23:58 01 Mar 20
Absolutely amazing! Dropped off material the day before (they were working near by already) and then came in with a huge team and got it done quick!I was in the house when they were lifting it and could literally see the cracks coming back together. Highly recommend these guys!
Amy Garcia (Amy Jo)
20:58 12 Jan 20
Gonzo Foundation was professional, personable and flexible. I would recommend him.
A Gallegos
21:47 02 Oct 19
I have had Gonzo Foundation work on two of my homes in the past 8 years. Our first house shifted a bit a few year after foundation repair, Edward was true to his word and fixed it without charge as per our warranty. His team is very knowledgeable and work was done on time and on budget. I wouldn't hesitate to call on his services again.
Colonial Brass
18:19 26 Dec 17
Great work and done within days, would recommend this company to all my freinds
Juana Estrada
17:37 16 May 17